Vegan Thanksgiving 2022 | Community Solidarity

Sunday, Nov. 20th, 1pm for Volunteers, 3:15pm if in need of food

Located in the parking lot at Cooper St. North & Washington Ave

Community Solidarity's Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza

The devastation of higher prices for heating oil, groceries, housing, and other necessities has pushed thousands of our neighbors into poverty as they struggle with hunger at the brink of economic ruin. Nearly 3 years into the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent inflation, we've seen hardship after hardship fall onto Long Island families. Now, more than ever, coming together and helping one another is greatly needed. So with that in mind, Community Solidarity is gearing up for our annual holiday distributions.  

On Sunday, November 20th, Community Solidarity invites you to its annual Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza. It's the world's largest Vegan Thanksgiving! it's free, and anyone in need of food is welcome! Plus, all are welcome to volunteer. 

Over the past three years, we've radically changed how our events work to keep everyone (especially those that are immunocompromised) as safe as possible. Please be aware that we will be focusing our efforts on our drive-through line. Volunteers will be broken up into teams and lines to enter the volunteering area may be longer than in years past so we ask that you signup in advance (signup below) to expedite the process.

So with that said, here's a little background on our annual Vegan Thanksgiving event.

Every year volunteers like you share over 100,000 pounds of vegetarian groceries with thousands of people in need at this very special Vegan Thanksgiving on Long Island. Everyone coming for food will receive a week's worth of vegetarian groceries, along with toiletries and other necessities. 

Want to get an idea of what Vegan Thanksgiving will look like? Check out the video below! 

You can make this event even better by volunteering, supporting, or just spreading the word. 

This is event also just one of a dozen events we'll be organizing throughout the weeks before and after Thanksgiving. Read on to learn more about our Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza or sign up to volunteer here. We'll be organizing special Thanksgiving events from Nov. 20th-28th! 

Why Vegan?

Helping people, animals & the earth

It's about compassion

Every Thanksgiving 46 million turkeys are killed for a holiday that is said to be about "giving thanks". Now, while we're in the midst of this pandemic caused by the exploitation of animals, 1 in 5 Americans struggle with hunger. Our Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza on Sunday, Nov. 21st, is about helping people and animals. Community Solidarity is America's largest vegetarian hunger-relief organization. We share millions of pounds of vegetarian groceries with tens of thousands of people every year. By doing so, we promote more compassionate foods, a smaller carbon footprint, and a healthier diet.

Veganism is about compassion for all people, animals, and the earth. And, we want to help you take a stand for all three! 

Compassion is in your hands

Will you join us?

You can stand up with us on Sunday, November 20th as we show the world what a vegan world looks like. Plus, how cool is it knowing that you will be part of the largest Vegan Thanksgiving ever?!?!!!

So again, we're going to be sharing over 100,000 pounds of vegetarian Thanksgiving groceries. 

This event will be the largest vegan Thanksgiving ever and it will be the embodiment of a community that is standing in solidarity against hunger and in defiance of poverty and hate. 

This thing is just going to be huge! When we did this last year, it turned out to be the largest Vegan Thanksgiving ever! This year we're looking to outdo ourselves yet again.

There's no 'I' in 'team' but there is a 'U' in 'Community'

So are 'U' in?

To make this happen we need your help. So please Signup Now so we can find the best ways you can help. Or become a fundraiser and help us raise some much-needed funds to help people & animals. 

Things to know:

Keeping people healthy and safe is paramount! In addition, to requiring masks and social distancing, we'll be implementing numerous safety protocols including but not limited to the following. 

1. We will be prioritizing drive-through service.

2. Volunteers will be separated into zones to limit everyone's points of contact. 

3. In addition to masks, all volunteers will be required to wear gloves. 

4. Do not volunteer at this event if you've come into contact with someone who's had COVID in the past 2 weeks.

5. If you've been diagnosed with, or have tested positive for COVID, you're required to wait 2 weeks after your last symptoms, or until you receive a negative test before you can resume volunteering. 

1 pm for volunteers, 3:15 pm for food. 
Municipal Parking Lot 1 
Cooper St. North & Washington Ave.
Hempstead, NY 11550

Ways you can help

1. Bring Vegetarian grocery items to donate on the 20th.

2. Spread the word to anyone who might need food! 

3. Bring friends! We'll need a lot of help.

4. Share Vegan Thanksgiving info on Facebook, Instagram, etc.. use social platforms to encourage your friends to bring donations like clothing. 

5. Donate some much-needed funds, or start a fundraiser by clicking here.

6. Get more involved with Community Solidarity by signing up to be a regular volunteer here.

Community Solidarity is America's largest vegetarian hunger-relief organization

Why we only share vegetarian foods

Community Solidarity is an organization that believes all suffering is wrong - human and animal. Alleviating hunger and alleviating animal suffering are not mutually exclusive; we believe they're linked. We believe the suffering of humans can't end if our society continues to justify the suffering of other living beings.

In our view, there's a blind indifference that makes it so easy for some people to overlook the hungry and poor among us. This is the same indifference that makes it so easy for many to overlook the suffering of animals in factory farms. It's an indifference that blinds people into overlooking the environmental destruction created by those factory farms. It's an indifference that blinds people into overlooking an economic system that devalues those poor animals lives while also devaluing the poor and hungry people in our own communities.

Essentially we see human, animal and environmental oppressions as all being the same. In so, we fundamentally believe that the only way to solve one of these problems is to address them all at once. If you feel the same, please consider supporting this worthy cause with your voice and time. All money donated to Community Solidarity goes to help people & animals.  

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